Do You Have a Cataract?

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    You love the independence of your car because you can go and come as you please. But suddenly you are having difficulty seeing signs and it is particularly difficult to drive at night. Familiar surroundings look dim and not as clear as they should be. Maybe you think you got ...

Five Foods for Healthy Eyes

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We have all heard over the years about having a healthy lifestyle. Mom and dad drilled it into us to eat our vegetables even when we turned up our noses. There was no leaving the table until we had cleaned our plates. Then as we grew up we learned about certain healthy habits, like regular ...

Keep an Eye on Your Family’s Overall Health with Routine Eye Exams

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It’s a no brainer that you would visit the dentist when you have a toothache. Of course you would make an appointment with your child’s pediatrician if they were running a high fever, and you wouldn’t hesitate to see your doctor if you were experiencing some sudden, unexplained pain. You are ...

What to Do About the Misery of Spring Eye Allergies

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We’ve all been there. Itchy, red and swollen eyes bother us from the time we wake up and all through the day. We are sneezing, our eyes are watering and swollen, our vision is blurry, and we are generally miserable! You may think you are catching a cold, but then you notice the yellow dust ...
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