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Why is Children’s Vision so Important?happy boy with book

Strong vision is an incredibly important factor in your child’s regular and healthy development. The ability to process, and ultimately digest information begins with the eyes, and any error in this crucial stage can majorly affect learning capacity, potentially resulting in life long developmental effects.

At Buda Vision Source, our vision experts regularly treat children, and can ensure that your child aged 6 and up is seeing clearly and maximizing their learning potential.

Early detection

Early detection can have a major impact on the effectiveness of any treatment that may be required for your child. At Buda Vision Source we evaluate your child’s vision based on visual acuity, visual efficiency, and visual information processing. By thoroughly examining these three areas of vision we can detect ocular issues at a deeper level.Boy reading

Many ocular issues can be difficult to detect by a non-vision professional, however, there may be some warning signs you may notice in your child at home, or at school. This can include

  • Poor performance in school
  • Short temper/ easily frustrated
  • Noticeable misalignment in eyes
  • Frequent squinting
  • Clumsiness/ poor hand eye coordination

If you notice any of the following in your child, you should contact us immediately for an appointment, even if your child is not due for their regular checkup.

Treatment at Buda Visionboys playing baseball

At Buda Vision, our goal is to provide children with treatment that will maximize their visual ability for a lifetime of clear sight. Our doctors and vision professionals will find the root of your child’s visual issue, and effectively treat the underlying problem, not just the symptoms. We achieve this by evaluating refractive status, eye coordination, tracking, eye pathology or congenital anomalies, and more.

Regular treatment options that we provide for children include:

  • Glasses
  • Eye patching
  • Eye exercises

We can also refer your child to a reputable surgeon in the area if a there is a visual issue that may require a surgical correction.boy with ball

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Don’t let your child be one of the 25% of school aged children with a vision problem. Contact us today, and ensure that your child is seeing clearly, and is adequately prepared for a lifetime of healthy development and learning.

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