Your Guide to Happy Vision in the New Year

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You’ve had all the bubbly you can drink, rang in the New Year with family and friends, and probably have already broken at least one of your New Year’s resolutions.  It happens every year. We aspire to improve many things in our lives, both trivial and essential to our well-being. Since there are few things as important as our vision, here is your personal guide to happy vision in the New Year.

Annual Eye Exams are Essential

It does not matter if you are single, married, married with children, caring for an older parent, or a senior. Regardless of your age or your place in life, you should make an annual eye exam an essential part of your eye care routine. What a comprehensive eye exam tells your doctor about your health can save your life. That’s pretty important, don’t you think?

A dilated eye examination can detect serious health issues affecting older adults like cataracts, macular degeneration, high blood pressure, diabetes, and glaucoma. In addition Dr. Kevin Benham can diagnose a possible tumor when no symptoms are yet apparent. Many conditions in adults are asymptomatic and can go untreated unless they are diagnosed with a comprehensive eye exam. Because the doctor can see your retina and cranial nerves, it is the best way to assess your overall eye health and design a treatment plan. We recommend a dilated exam for all new patients and then follow up as determined by Dr. Benham.

No news is not always good news! Just because you or your older parent do not notice any change in vision, don’t skip that annual exam. Make an appointment today and put it on your calendar.

Pediatric Exams

The American Optometric Association recommends children have an eye exam at six months, again at age three, and just before they start school. Most children are not able to tell you if they are having trouble with their vision, so it becomes important for parents to observe their children’s behaviors and bring them to an eye specialist for an evaluation.  School age children should be examined every two years if no issues arise.

Certain infants and toddlers are especially at risk for eye conditions and should be evaluated appropriately. Children born prematurely are at risk for amblyopia, strabismus or refractive errors.

The Basics: Glasses or Contact Lenses?

Most patients come for an eye exams because they are nearsighted, (myopia) farsighted (hyperopia) or have astigmatism. The eye specialists at Buda Vision Source will determine the refractive error and prescribe corrective eyewear. Patients can choose from a wide selection of fashionable and functional glasses. At Buda Vision Source we strive for happy vision so every frame should fit your face, your lifestyle, and your occupation from the most high fashion frames to practical and low key. You can choose from customized lenses to meet all your needs.

Once you have had a comprehensive eye exam you may decide that contact lenses are your preference.  During your contact lens exam, the eye specialists at Buda Vision Source will perform an expert fitting, train you how to insert and remove your contacts, evaluate your tear production, and answer any further questions you may have. We will consider your age, occupation, and dexterity to determine which kind of lens is best for you along with a review of a safe schedule for wearing your lenses and a proper lens hygiene regimen.

Maybe LASIK Surgery is a Goal for the New Year

Maybe you have been considering LASIK surgery for some time and have finally decided that this is the year to do it! The experts at Buda Vision Source will perform a complimentary LASIK evaluation to determine your candidacy. This all important evaluation is necessary to assess your general eye health, and to provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision. Not everyone is a good candidate for laser vision correction. Safe enough for astronauts and navy fighter pilots, LASIK can give you the clear vision you have always wanted. Contact us today and get all the pertinent facts about this amazing surgery.

Don’t let something as important as your vision be put on the back burner. Make it a priority! Start 2015 with a promise to make sure everyone in your family has their eyes checked at Buda Vision Source. Call us today and schedule all your eye appointments for the year. Then check off one big task: Happy Vision in the New Year.

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