Ocular Disease Treatment in Buda

At Buda Vision source we provide diagnosis, treatment, and management of a number of different ocular disorders for our patients. Some of the conditions we regularly care for include:

Dry Eye SyndromeDry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome, or chronic dry eye, affects regular tear function. This can be the result of a number of different causes, such as tear production, tear film irregularities, or your tear drainage system. There are some potential procedures that may fix the underlying issue causing your dry eye syndrome, however, in most cases this is a lifelong condition, and efforts are best directed at alleviating the symptoms. For more information on Dry eye, please visit our dry eye and red eye page.


Glaucoma is a degenerative eye disease caused by pressure from within the eye. With Glaucoma, the pressure slowly builds, and ultimately damages your retinal nerves. This causes vision to be impaired around the peripherals of your vision, and eventually begins to affecting more and more of your visual field if the disease is left untreated.

Treatment of glaucoma is quite effective, and in most cases can substantially delay, or halt any further progression of the disease. However, early detection is absolutely crucial with glaucoma, as any visual distortion that has already set in is very unlikely to be reversed.

Diabetic RetinopathyDiabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is an ocular condition where the blood vessel walls within your eyes are damaged as a result of sugar levels within your body. When the blood vessel walls become damaged, they may hemorrhage, which will then impair vision.

The best defense against diabetic retinopathy is by keeping up to date with your regular eye examination schedule. During your exam, we will have a detailed look for any of the warning signs of diabetic retinopathy, and recommend any treatment options if needed. As with glaucoma, early detection is crucial with diabetic retinopathy.

Cataractscortical cataract

Cataracts are one of the more common eye conditions we see at Buda Vision Source, and is the most common cause of vision loss in people over 40, around the world. Cataracts affect the lens of your eye, which sits in between your iris and your pupil, and is caused by irregular protein activity within the lens.

Treatment for cataracts is very effective, and very safe. Your clouded lens is simply removed, and replaced with a synthetic lens, effectively restoring you back to your pre cataract sight. It’s important to note that this will not correct any refractive errors you have had previously, however, there are dual procedures available that address both the cataract issue, and any additional refractive errors.

Macular Degenerationmacular degeneration

Macular Degeneration, or MD, is typically an age related ocular disease that is the result of damage to the retina. MD typically affects the central areas of vision, leaving the peripheral vision clear until later stages.

Although there is no cure for MD, early detection and effective treatment can greatly slow, or even prevent future vision loss.


Keratocous is a disease that changes the structural shape of the cornea. Keratocous can cause severe visual distortion, as well as sensitivity to light.

In many cases, the disease can be managed with corrective lenses, or corrective surgery. However, in severe cases the patient may require a corneal transplant.

If you have any questions about the ocular conditions we have experience with, or think you may be experiencing one of the conditions mentioned above. Please, give us a call. One of the knowledgeable members of our staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have, and perform a detailed diagnosis.

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  • Kathy M.

    Such a great experience! Dr. Benham took his time, explained all the tests and what each test might indicate. Very knowledgeable. The office staff were courteous and very helpful in choosing my frames. I will continue going to Buda Vision Source.

  • Karen L.

    Went to Buda Vision Source yesterday. Convenient location and great service. The staff and doctor are knowledgeable and friendly. Doctor is young, personable and very up-to-date. Had a great assortment of frames to choose from. No need to go into Austin anymore. This place is going to do a great business out here in Buda. I highly recommend it!

  • David and Brenda R.

    We are new to the Hill Country and read the reviews about Buda Vision Source. We tried them out because of all the positive reviews and were totally satisfied! Great group of people at the front desk and Dr. Benham was very professional with these sets of aging eyes! We will be using them for a long time, I'm sure!!

  • Shelly B.

    Dr. Benham is very knowledgeable and thorough! His assistants are helpful and answer all my questions with confidence. I'd highly recommend this crew!

  • D Y.

    Dr. Benham and the staff at Buda Vision Source are professional, thorough and friendly. My first visit (Feb '14) was great, they treated me like I had been with them for years. I walked in with plenty of questions but never had to ask them because of how thorough Dr. Brenham was, he not only answered questions I had, he even answered some I hadn't even considered.

  • James S.

    Without question, this was the best experience I’ve had at any optometrists. Dr. Benham was extremely kind and very patient when I asked questions. I really appreciated his patients.

  • A Google User

    Dr. Benham is very knowledgeable and thorough! His assistants are helpful and answer all my questions with confidence. I'd highly recommend this crew!

  • JR W.

    I saw dr. benham on may 23 for contacts and glasses exam. he was very informative and friendly. he explained different brands of contacts to me as my usual brand was not cutting it.he recomended a new type for me to try that i really like. the office was clean and nicely arranged with a good selection of glasses. the staff was also very helpful and friendly. i highly recommend dr. benham and buda vision source.

  • Sherri D.

    I saw Dr. Benham on February 18, 2014. The office staff is very friendly, the office is super clean, and Dr. Benham explained to me thoroughly the changes in my vision that are occurring naturally due to age. I am not new to glasses, but I was getting my 1st pair of bi-focals (ugh!) and so I had a lot of questions, all which were answered completely. I never felt rushed. The doctor has a great manner and seems to really enjoy what he does. I used a Groupon for my visit that was a flat price for an exam, frames, and lenses (up to a certain dollar amount) and this made the visit an excellent value.

    My only "complaint" would be the choice of frames. The frames in the affordable range (under $80) were nice looking but there weren't too many varieties to choose from. I would have liked to have had a broader selection of frames under $50, especially considering the options these days for online sources for low cost frames. If I had not been using the Groupon, I still would have gone to Buda Vision Source for my exam but probably would have taken my prescription and shopped elsewhere for cheaper frames.

    I took my teenage son in that same day for his exam and glasses and he is very happy. It was his first pair of glasses and the staff was very patient with all of his questions. Also, they had his glasses ready in under 30 minutes! Amazing.

  • Eric P.

    Would easily recommend to others.

    Great staff and nice, modern office setting. Very clean.

    Dr Benham took the time to careful explain everything happening in everyday terms and the next steps needed. I was not pushed to purchase anything from them directly...even though they have a great selection of eye ware and contacts.

    I will return anytime I have vision needs.