Comprehensive Eye Test and Examinations

A man's eye is being tested

Comprehensive Vision Examination

Comprehensive vision and eye health examinations are vital in keeping your eyes healthy and comfortable. Our primary eye care examinations are designed to detect a wide range of problems affecting visual function.

Some typical vision affecting problems that we typically address include blurred vision, eye discomfort, and eye strain.

Eye Disorder Evaluation

At Buda Vision Source we also perform evaluations for medical eye health. The American Optometric Association recommends that everyone should have a comprehensive eye examination yearly. Often times we will also recommend multiple visits within the year if medically necessary.

At Buda Vision Source, with our regular exams we incorporate the latest in ocular technology to aid in evaluation of spectacle prescriptions, check peripheral vision, monitor intraocular pressure, and diagnose eye disease.

Ocular Technology at Buda Vision Source

One of the popular examination devices we offer at Buda Vision is the No Puff ICARE tonometer. This device is used to monitor ocular pressure levels, which is a factor in glaucoma susceptibility.

Some of the other devices we use include:

Retinal photography: This is used to monitor for macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, plaquenil toxicity, and other macular and retinal diseases.

Slit lamp: This evaluation allows us to check for corneal dystrophies, dry eye, eyelid pathologies, and cataracts.

We also evaluate visual field for peripheral vision disturbances, which could be a result of possible tumors of the optic nerve, stroke damage, or glaucoma.

We may also recommend that certain patients undergo pupil dilation to assess the peripheral retina for retinal detachment, retinal holes, tears, and other diseases

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At Buda Vision Source we provide our clients with comprehensive technical evaluation, and effective treatment options. Our number one goal is providing you with the best care, allowing you to enjoy a lifetime of clear sight.

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